Advanced Tool for Tower design: faster Geometry, easy body wind loads and weight optimization

  • A unique tool that provides tower designers to generate tower geometry with redundants very fast and in simple way.
  • Any simple to complex vertical tower configuration can be done in less than 15 minutes… thus saving at least 8 to 24 hours of tower designer’s time for designing a tower.
  • The program generates the geometry data (Primary nodes, secondary nodes, sections) and design data (Angle groups, Angle members) in excel format that can be copied directly to PLS-Tower.
  • The program generates body wind loads and panel wise tower weights in excel format, that auto updates for change in member sizes or wind pressure or gust or drag values.
  • The program also generates elevation and isometric drawings that can be used for report submission.
  • In summary, this program is simple to use, a powerful tool for generating tower geometry and also provides valuable time for designers to focus on tower design and optimization. Again, design iterations for different geometries is made easy using this tool.

Sample Towers Created in TowGeom

Intro Videos of TowGeom

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